Meet The Team

Kevin Coakley (Founder)

Kevin is an Irish writer and music blogger. He set up his music blog ‘The Sound Sniffer’ back in 2018 whilst working a boring desk-type job and it’s since snowballed into his main passion. Kevin has been based in London for the last six years and he sees ‘COMMUNITY SESSIONS‘ as a way to give back to the city that took him in back in 2015. He is committed to supporting grassroots musicians and sees no better way to do so than to provide paid gigs for them. Events are free entry but a cash donation is encouraged from all attendees at the door. The idea, combining showcase music gigs and charity fundraising, is based on the success of The Ruby Sessions in Dublin. He hopes it will one day become it’s London equivalent.

Gig Curators / Talent Scouts / Contributors

Alex Bayly

Alex Bayly is a London-based Folk musician of the highest quality (just check out his debut album Ley Lines below) . An ever present on the London live scene, Bayly’s music has been heard by many a lucky audience member around the city. He will bring great folk flavour to the COMMUNITY SESSIONS line-ups. His network is wide and it’s a great pleasure to have him involved.

Niamh Downes

Another wonderful London-based folk talent. Niamh Downes is a Scottish singer/songwriter who, like Bayly, is often seen around the city gracing the stages at all the London venues. A supreme and silky performer with a great ear for sound. She has brilliant taste and chills out with some of London’s most exciting breakthrough prospects. Niamh will be curating some shows on behalf of COMMUNITY SESSIONS – exciting.

Noé Solange

Noé Solange is one of London’s rising electronica artists. A well respected photographer by day, Noé creates melancolic trip-hop by night. She has just hit one million streams on ‘Nocturnal Lady‘, one of her early releases. She is emerging onto the music scene in the capital and will be helping out with some line ups for COMMUNITY SESSIONS.

Leo Appleyard

Leo Appleyard is a guitarist and producer who releases his own music compositions under the moniker ‘Urchin’. His music has been featured extensively on The Sound Sniffer blog over the years and for good reason too. Leo will bring some indie electronic tones to the COMMUNITY SESSIONS nights.

Simeon Rodgers

Simeon is an in-demand touring sound engineer by trade and has also started dabbling in his own electronic sounds just over three years ago. To date he has compiled a really impressive portfolio of tunes and visuals. His music brings together acidic analog textures, atmospheric distorted vocals and hard-hitting beats. Simeon will be getting involved in some exciting electronic nights somewhere in the near future.

Admin & Other Important Things

Sienna Filipetto

Sienna is an Australian musician who made the move to London last year. She’s developed a massive love for the UK music scene and has recently become the first person apart from Kevin to write on The Sound Sniffer blog. She’s got wicked taste in music and is super chilled. Sienna will be helping ensure the events run smoothly.

Musicians making a difference. A community. Great gigs.